Carmenta AB


Carmenta is a software company offering highperformance geospatial (GIS) solutions used in mission critical operations. Our technology is designed for Command & Control (C2) systems and today we have a world leading position delivering geospatial products for the Defence & Security segments.

Our solutions are widely used by well-known System Integrators when building Decision Support Systems for Command & Control, Mission Planning, Intelligence, Surveillance, Battlefi eld Management or Network Centric Warefare Solutions. With 30 years of experience, our technology is characterised by high-performance, high availability, ease of use, openness and scalability. Our products are based on industry standards and support all important geospatial data formats.

Geospatial solutions for command & control
• Situation awareness
• Advanced 2D/3D visualization
• Geospatial analysis
• Sensor data fusion
• Real-time performance
• Geodata management


Carmenta Engine
• The most complete geospatial toolbox for C2 systems
• Efficient SDK for rapid application development
• Platform independent – Runs on Windows, Linux and Android
• On-the-fl y processing and integrated rendering of maps and sensor data
• Easy integration with legacy systems through a very fl exible plug-in model
• Native support for all important map data formats
• Advanced terrain analysis functionality
• Support for military symbology (2525B/C, App6-A and more)
• Efficient management of tactical displays (ORBAT, de-cluttering, label placement)
• Support for OGC Web services
• Proven reliability in a large number of C2 systems

Carmenta Server
• The ultimate geospatial server for C2 systems
• Complete SDK for bespoke solutions and smooth integration in IT environments/architectures
• Simple tools for setup and administration by non- GIS specialists
• Efficient distribution/publishing of maps and sensor data via OGC compliant protocols
• High interoperability by using standard interfaces (OGC, DGIWG, ISO, IHO)
• A scalable architecture – support for single servers and clustered solutions
• Simple integration with Carmenta Engine based applications
• Extensive support for mobile C2 solutions
• Includes a built-in data security solution
• The efficient solution to distribute a Common Operational Picture (COP)

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