Cautus Geo AS

Cautus Geo Cautus Geo AS is a company specialized in solutions for geo monitorering, automatic monitoring of stability, deformation and the environment.

We aim to be a leading and innovative provider of effective and secure solutions for geo-monitoring and automatic measurement systems for land mass, water and vulnerable structures.

Cautus Geo has a long track record from a wide variety of monitoring project in Scandinavia. We have a unique combination of technical (software and hardware), surveying-, geological and geotechnical expertise.

– Site investigation and mapping
– Use of high accuracy survey systems like lidar and radar to gather data about a site and further geological and geotechnical analysis
– Complete monitoring solutions
– Complete real time monitoring system with different type of sensors to evaluate causing factors, stability, environment with real time analysis and early warning.
– Sensors and measurement systems

Some of the sensor solutions we deliver:
» GNSS networks
» Total station systems
» Geotechnical sensors
» Bore hole sensors
» Climatic and environmental sensors
» Radar systems
» Water quality sensors
» Data logging solutions

Maintenance & early warning
We follow up our monitoring project both technical and to give you the correct early warning.

Advice about technology, how to configure a monitoring project, geotechnical and geological advice, interpreting data.

Sensor and software development
We have developed both unique software and hardware for geo-monitoring purposes and are able to give you solution to your problem.

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Cautus Geo AS
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