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The story behind Cellca

The cell line and the process define the product and drive improvements in bioproduction.

Unlike many traditional approaches originating in the laboratory, the Cellca system was developed systematically from scratch – specifically for the biopharmaceutical production environment.

Cellca was founded in 2005 by Dr. Aziz Cayli, who previously worked for the pharma industry having his own experiences with the difficulties in the creation of good production cell lines.

One of Cellca´s secrets for sucess is the attitude and background of its founder, which still plays a prominent role in the philosophy of our company. He started Cellca because of his love for the technology. This atmosphere of passion for the cell line development technology is still present today.

“Armed” with a business plan and his vision of the perfect expression platform, he went looking for investors. As soon as the required conditions were met, the team of experts led by him worked intensively on the platform for over five years after having identified the weaknesses and restrictions of existing technologies. The result: a unique technology
platform for cell line and process development – one of the most competitive systems available.

Today, Cellca is a recognized leader in custom developments for the pharmaceutical industry. Cellca is specialized in upstream processing of the protein production in mammalian cell lines: cell line and upstream process development. Cellca works for customers worldwide for business or research purposes.

Competitive Technology Platform with Valuable Benefits

Based on its in-depth expertise, know-how and intellectual property, Cellca has established its unique production technology platform.
It is characterized by high efficiency regarding quality, quantity and short development time, robustness and direct process scalability. Customers and partners thus benefit from reduced cost of goods, reduced development risks and a faster time-to-clinic/market.

Products and Services: Delivering Productivity

Cellca offers different products and services for the production of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian (CHO) cell cultures:
• Cell line & process development
• Optimization of existing processes and media.
• For all types of antibodies and fusion proteins.
All process parameters are defined for a direct, easy and fast scale-up to the production scale.

In the meantime, Cellca has a team of 27 people working on different projects. We have a proven track record of successful projects highlighting the promised strength and benefits:
• More than 30 projects have been completed, > 95% deliver 3 g/L in 12-14 days fed batch culture or more.
• Within six months Cellca can deliver a research cell bank starting from DNA together with a direct scalable process.
• Celica’s technology platform eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming scale-up studies.
• In all projects comprising all types of antibodies and fusion proteins, targets had been (over)achieved.

Cellca: Worldwide Partnering for Success

Cellca operates in close cooperation with partners worldwide: small and large pharma companies, universities and research institutions.

Whatever our customers are looking for, Cellca tries to understand their needs and will do its best to find the right solution.

Cellca GmbH
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