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Company Profile:
CellGenix is an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality GMP cell processing reagents like cytokines and serum-free media for the expanding markets of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The company operates a state-of-the-art GMP facility for production of recombinant proteins and for cell processing in Freiburg, Germany. With this unique background and the track record in clinical application CellGenix is ideally positioned to become Your Partner For Clinical Cell Therapy.

Development of High-Quality Reagents for Ex Vivo Cell Processing
CellGenix continuously expands its comprehensive portfolio of serum-free media, cytokines and other cell culture supplements according to the needs of the growing cell therapy field.

We offer a diverse set of high-quality products for various cell types developed for different indications and therapeutic approaches:
• Dendritic Cells
• NK-Cells
• T-Cells
• Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
• Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
• ESC and iPS Cells
• Chondrocytes

Regulatory Compliance
Clinical cell therapy requires ancillary materials and tools which are GMP compliant.

CellGro® products are manufactured according to current GMP guidelines, considering our ADCF and serum-free policy. For many products, Drug Master Files have been filed at the FDA. USP chapter <1043> “ancillary materials for cell, gene and tissue-engineered products” is considered in the design of all CellGro® products. Conformance of IL-4 with the new USP chapter <92> standard supports our high quality claim.

CellGro® products combine a maximum of quality and safety with excellence performance due to state-of-the-art production, quality control and stringent documentation expertise.

• Compliance with international guidelines
• Accepted by international authorities
• Proven in clinical trials throughout the world

GMP Cytokines, GMP Serum-free Media & more cell processing tools
The quality of cytokines and media is crucial for the quality of the final cell therapy.

CellGro® recombinant human cytokines are manufactured exclusively with safe and qualified raw materials in the production and purification process.

CellGro® Media are free of human or animal serum. No substitution with autologous human serum or FBS is necessary.

CellGenix offers a diverse set of high-quality products for ex vivo culture, expansion and differentiation for various cell types for different indications and therapeutic approaches.
• CellGro® serum-free Media
• CellGro® rh GMP Cytokines
• CellGro® rh Preclinical Cytokines
• CellGro® hUC-MSC
• CellGro® Gelatin (Adhesion Solution)
• VueLife® Bioprocessing Container

Regulatory Support
CellGenix is committed to the satisfaction and success of its customers. They benefit from the companies long-term experience as a GMP manufacturer of cell and recombinant protein therapeutics.

CellGenix provides expert regulatory and technical support and is pleased to help to optimize and advance customers’ research and development efforts. The specialized field service team is dedicated to fulfil customers’ needs and provide excellent assistance.  

• Certificate of Analysis
• Product Data Sheet
• Material Safety Data Sheet
• Drug Master File Cross Reference

CellGro® is a registered trademark of CellGenix in several global markets. In North America and a few other countries CellGro® reagents are marketed under CellGenixTM.

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