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PROCURE® offers a therapy developed to aid the body in activating its own immune system successfully against cancer. We are thus choosing a path that doesn’t work against, but rather with the body’s own strength. During the cell therapy, a high quality of life can be maintained – the side effects are minimal and take the form of flu-like symptoms and short-term reddening of the skin. No comparison to the extreme consequences accompanying standard therapies: the worst among these factors are month-long nausea and hair loss. 17 million Euros have already been invested; a further 5 million are now needed by CellMed in order to finance the next steps in clinical development with a greater number of patients. The goal is to build a solid basis for a market approval study. Seize the opportunity to join us in investing in CellMed, in order to improve the life of people diagnosed with cancer such as ovarian cancer. This could form the basis of the breakthrough for a ground-breaking new cancer therapy.

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