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cflow fish handling

Our primary business areas are design, engineering, automation and production of turn-key solutions for fish handling in wellboats and fishing vessels, plus aquaculture and processing facilities on shore.

Cflow’s wellboat solutions are well-known in the industry, and has been installed in numerous vessels, both in Norway and Chile. With a strong focus on transporting the fish as careful as possible, our solutions comply our customers’ strict requirements.

We deliver the following systems and products:
• Systems for loading and unloading
• Delicing technology
• Fish counters
• Circulation systems
• Water treatment systems
• Grading systems
• Ozone disinfection
• Closed wellboat technology
• RSW chilling
• Cleaning systems
• Control- and monitoring systems
• Traceability systems

Fishing vessels
Our solutions are prepared for the harsh environment on the open sea, and can be used in numerous operations on board. Our solutions will make your operations easier and improve your economy.

We deliver the following systems and products:
• Vacuum pumps
• Water separators
• Processing equipment
• Deck arrangement
• Live fish handling systems
• RSW control
• Ballast control
• Ozone systems
• Hoses and connections
• Control systems
• Catch estimation systems

The aquaculture industry of today is concerned about sustainability, disease reduction and economic viability. We do our utmost to satisfy the industry with our solutions and technology.

We deliver the following systems and products:
• Processing equipment
• Transport systems
• Electric stunners
• Bleeding equipment
• Centralized vacuum systems
• Cooling and storage
• Ensilage and biproducts systems

Pelagic processing
Today’s industry require systems that handle large amounts of fish, with high speed over long distances. Such requirements demand solutions that are precise and reliable. Cflow has contributed to developing systems dimensioned to handle almost 1500 tons of fish per day, both in Norway and in Chile.

We deliver the following systems and products:
• Pipe transport
• Grading systems
• Storage systems
• Packing equipment
• Bulk tanks
• Buffer tanks
• Distribution systems
• Transport and storage of discards

Water treatment
Cflow also delivers different water treatment technologies, including the following systems and products:
• UV-reactors
• Particle filters
• Ballast control
• Generator and injection systems for ozone and oxygen
• Areation (CO2 removal)

cflow fish handling

Cflow Fish Handling AS
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