Today the industry has a new Geoscience leader.

Our global community of talented geoscientists work closely with our clients to deliver innovative solutions for the exploration and sustainable development of the Earth’s natural resources.

With a proven track record and a proud heritage of more than 80 years, we are your geoscience partner of choice.

We are CGG.



CGGCGG is stepping boldly into a new era of integrated geoscience to build the most comprehensive earth models that support the exploration and production of natural resources. Our expertise in geophysics, geology, petrophysics and geomechanics can build a more dynamic and comprehensive Earth model to aid strategic drilling and production decision-making.

A multi-disciplinary data library
With an extensive global multi-client data library including seismic, gravity & magnetic, well log data, geological studies and an offshore hydrocarbon seeps database, we give yo u the competitive edge for selecting the best prospects andbuilding a better understanding of the risks prior to drilling.

Onshore acquisition services
We’ve expanded our onshore acquisition capabilities to extend beyond seismic programs. Contact us for information about our onshore broadband solutions, microseismic monitoring, gravity and magnetic surveys, surface geophysics, and permanent reservoir monitoring solutions.

Offshore acquisition services
We’ve expanded our fleet and broadened our technology for marine seismic acquisition yet again! Our latest advances in marine imaging include BroadSeisTM, BroadSourceTM and StagSeisTM, and we’ve developed many new processing algorithms to support deepwater exploration.

Subsurface Imaging
With over 43 advanced imaging centers and expertise in most of the world’s basins, our data processing capacity is leading the industry in new research & development for complex geophysics and geology.

Geology, geophysics & petrophysics
Joining our portfolio of unique subsurface imaging capabilities and high-end reservoir characterization services offered by Hampson-Russell, we are pleased to welcome onboard Jason and Robertson to strengthen our reservoir description & modeling capabilities. These three subsidiaries have a wealth of experience and knowledge in geology, geophysics and petrophysics, and can help you ‘Pump Up the Volume’ to maximize resource recovery.

Satellite mapping & remote sensing services
NPA offers a unique portfolio of geological mapping products to provide valuable knowledge in frontier areas, while our ground and structural stability studies provide monitoring of production activities and our signature offshore hydrocarbon seeps database provides insights into active petroleum basins for exploration in addition to pollution monitoring.

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