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Shipping and Marine Technology is organizing a coherent research and education within a wide knowledge area with its origin in programmes for education of naval architects, seafarers and shore personnel in shipping. The Department conducts research and development of the latest technologies for propulsion and navigation of ships. Our Department is situated on campus Lindholmen, where we have Sweden’s most comprehensive simulator centre for marine transport and navigation.

Chalmers University of Technology, maritime education

Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers offers education within the basic education programmes:

  • Master mariners
  • Marine engineers
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Master mariners and Engineer officers.

The department is responsible for three master’s programmes:

  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering
  • Master of Science in Maritime Management

We also offer a range of doctoral programmes and further education.

Master Mariners
The education is primarily aimed at the mariner profession on merchant vessels. In this position you will be responsible for navigation as well as cargo handling, passengers’ safety and the crew.

Marine Engineers
The Marine Engineering programme offers a theoretical and practical course of studies for seafarers. The marine engineer on a merchant vessel manages the technical operations onboard-

Shipping and Logistics
Shipping and Logistics is more about international trade, finance and logistics than technology and science. It is a shorebased business-oriented education conducted in close cooperation with the shipping and transport industry.

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
The Master programme in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering offer an internationally attractive and competitive education within planning, design and analysis of ships and offshore structures from a strength, hydrodynamic and systems engineering point of view.

Nordic Master in Maritime Management
The Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering is an international two-year joint Master of Science in Engineering programme offered by the Nordic Five Tech university alliance (Chalmers, NTNU, KTH, DTU and Aalto). The students stay one year each on two universities, combining the excellence of these.

Master of Science in Maritime Management
The aim is to provide officers and shorebased personnel in the shipping cluster an opportunity to further train themselves to become the next generation of leaders within ship management, strategic management and/or enable them to participate in research education and research projects.

Further education
Chalmers Professional Education provides maritime training and safety courses. Among our customers are national and international shipping and off-shore industries as well as other industries. Apart from scheduled courses, Chalmers Professional Education provides courses that may be adjusted concerning content, time, and place.

Lighthouse logo  Lighthouse is a knowledge bridge between research, education and active shipping. The centre works in close cooperation with the shipping industry. Lighthouse brings together research into ship construction, maritime safety and hydrodynamics together with logistics, maritime law and business analysis and world trade along with other financial issues.    

Chalmers University of Technology, maritime educationResearch
The Department conducts research within two divisions: Marine Design and Maritime Operations.

Division of Marine Design
The division focuses on the ship as a cargo carrier, concentrating on increasing the efficiency of the role of the ship in the transport and logistics chain with regard to environmental effects, time, cost, safety, structure, and technical service life of the ship. Training and research focuses on systems, structure, and onboard installations, as well as loading and unloading of the ship. The division is pursuing research in hydrodynamics and marine engineering.

Division of Maritime Operations
The subject area is navigation and the working environment and HMI on the bridge, in machinery, and in safety organisation, as well as proactive and reactive marine safety research. Focus is also on efficient and environmentally sustainable ship propulsion e.g. environmental and energy issues.

Sweden’s most comprehensive simulator centre for education and research is situated at Chalmers Campus Lindholmen. Our simulator
centre consists of:

  • Full Mission Bridge Simulator
  • GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • Engine Operations Simulator
  • Cargo Operations Studio
  • Bridge Operations Simulator
  • Nautical Operations Studio
  • Technical Operations Studio
  • Dynamic Positioning simulator
Head of Department: Karin Andersson,
Head of Division of Marine Design: Jonas Ringsberg,
Head of Division of Maritime Operations: Mikael Hägg,
Director of the Master Mariner programme: Fredrik Olindersson,
Director of the Marine Engineer programme: Johan Eliasson,
Director of the Shipping and Logistics programme: Robert Severin,
Director of Master’s Programme in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering: Per Hogström,
Director of Master’s Programme in Maritime Engineering: Per Hogström,
Director of Master’s Programme in Maritime Management: Olle Lindmark,
Director of Lighthouse: Bengt-Olof Petersen,
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