Check IT Consulting AB

Check It Consulting AB is a leading vehicle inspection company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are a small professional company comprising of three fully qualified vehicle inspectors who believe in quality and direct communication with our customers. Our company size and structure gives our customers the unique advantage of having direct access to the inspector in charge of each individual project. The personal touch, if you like!

The story so far……
Daniel Svensson, the founder and current MD, began his career as a Claims Adjuster with Marconova Survey AB, handling many of the largest car manufacturers. He was in daily contact with many of the larger international insurance companies. His passion for the industry and newly acquired skills soon raised his position to Marine Surveyor. In 2006, his extensive contact network and industry knowledge were the basis for founding Check It.

Where we are and what we do……
Our focus and expertise lie in the pre-loading/discharge inspection of RORO vessels on behalf of the insurance, shipping and haulage companies as well as directly from the car manufacturers. The import/export cargo inspected can include anything from cars and lorries to airplanes and excavators – same inspection techniques, just a different challenge. We currently have ongoing contracts with amongst others, Volvo Logistics and EUKOR.

Our working locations are mainly focused around the West coast of Sweden – Gothenburg, Wallhamn and Uddevalla Port, although our location gives us the possibility to offer services throughout Scandinavian as well as internationally.

Our tools ……
Our office is located in the center of Gothenburg, and is equipped with all the necessary high-tech tools for easy communication, digital image storage and ultra-fast broadband. Reports can be stored and processed easily and effectively. We have developed, and use a modern scanning equipment and app which processes inspection data directly to our internal server – reducing human error and speeding up our workflow.

and finally……..
Check It is ready for new projects; both large and small. We offer our customers an experienced and reliable group of inspectors with, of course, the personal touch!

Klangfärgsgatan 11, SE-426 52 Västra Frölunda
+46 073-500 40 89