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ChemConnection is a contract research and manufacturing organization (CRO/CMO) offering services in chemical process R&D, and API manufacturing under cGMP. ChemConnection is located at the Pivot Park in The Netherlands. We have seen a steady increase in projects requiring the formulation of highly potent active ingredients in nanodelivery forms says Gerjan Kemperman, CEO of ChemConnection. Especially liposomal formulations and drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles are receiving increased attention. The rapid changes in the market require a flexible and experienced team that connects decades of drug manufacturing experience with new drug delivery technologies.

Decades of drug development expertise

ChemConnection offers decades of drug development experience. ChemConnections vision is to serve customers with the most appropriate solutions by combining years of experience with creativity and flexibility and by applying best practices in chemistry, process technologies and quality management. ChemConnection started business when Merck/MSD divested their former Organon R&D facilities in the Netherlands. The experienced team has supported the development of many New Chemical Entities from discovery to the clinic. Marketed products have been developed such as carbohydrates (Sugammadex), steroids (Desogestrel) and heterocyclics (Asenapine). The team offers “big-pharma” expertise while maintaining full flexibility, speed, and creativity at a competitive price.

Nanomedicine and highly potent active ingredients

ChemConnection is dedicated to the development and cGMP production of innovative NCE’s in conjunction with complex formulations such as nanoparticles and liposomes. The state of the art production facilities allow full containment and handling of highly potent active ingredients. The active materials have found their use in oncology, women’s health, inflammation and CNS. Recent investments in the development and manufacture of nanodelivery products have attracted challenging projects that were successfully brought to an end. The combination of API manufacturing and formulation in nanoparticles is a valuable combination of activities that requires knowledge from two worlds. The manufacture of APIs requires the layout and analytical tools for classic organic synthesis, whereas the production of nanoparticles requires knowledge of polymer science and physics. ChemConnection has been able to combine the best of both worlds.

Purification and separation

Besides state of the art manufacturing facilities, ChemConnection is equipped with sophisticated purification and separation tools. Ultrafiltration equipment is available for concentration, desalting and depyrogenisation of charged bio-molecules and bio-conjugates. Using nanofiltration, particles with narrow polydispersity are obtained. For the purification of peptides, complex mixtures, and enantiomers, preparative HPLC equipment and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography systems are in place.  The purification systems are used for gram to multi-Kg scale quantities of material.

A new element in Chemistry

Depending on your needs, projects can be performed on a fee-for-service basis or through monthly or annual FTE-contracts. ChemConnection has direct access to reaction retrieval systems and an up-to-date library, which enable us to quickly analyze your requests and determine the most effective strategy to achieve your goals. We work on an exclusive basis with customers and any intellectual property rights arising from a project are for the customer. Dedicated project teams led by experienced people will handle your project. Our strength is a combination of experience, flexibility, and creativity to achieve.

Synergistic cooperation with Pivot Park partners

ChemConnection understands that the drug development chain of activities is not limited to API manufacturing. To increase efficiency, to shorten timelines, and to reduce development cost, ChemConnection has established a synergistic network with other service providers at the Pivot Park in the Netherlands. As an example ChemConnection offers on site Fill & Finish services of drug product via BioConnection. For late phase projects commercial manufacturing facilities are available.

Examples of recent projects
• CriPec®-docetaxel, a drug loaded polymeric nanoparticle, for the treatment of solid tumors.
• Combidex®, an iron oxide nanosuspension, improves the accuracy of MRI scans in patients with cancer, especially prostate cancer.
• CB001, a liposomal formulated doxorubicin enriched with GlucosylCeramide (GC), for the treatment of cancer.


What our customers have said about ChemConnection

Cristianne Rijcken (CEO of Cristal Therapeutics) says: “ChemConnection has demonstrated to be a highly experienced and flexible partner for the development, scale up and GMP-manufacturing of CriPec® nanoparticles”.

Professor Jelle Barentsz (Radboud Medical Center) says:  “It was a great experience working with these high-tech Dutch companies. They were able to beat timelines and developed and manufactured this high-tech product beyond expectation. It will save lives and will open fascinating ways of treatment of prostate cancer”.

Jeroen Rovers (CEO of Ceronco Biosciences): “For us it is important to have a partner nearby that is flexible and is willing to invest and cooperate. It will be a challenging project but we are convinced that with combined efforts we are able to develop and manufacture our lead compound and move into clinical trials.”


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