Chemicalinventory1Chemicalinventory is a complete and intelligent inventory and compound Management System. The system has proven its effectiveness and ease of use for years, and many users are dependent on the application to store, and track chemicals in their organization on a daily basis.





Chemicalinventory2We offer many elegant solutions to you daily work in the lab:

• Full inventory tracking
• Powerful structure based and text searches
• Flexible location management
• Barcode support
• Integrated label print
• Data import and export

All this packed in a cloud based solution that can be easily accessed from either anywhere in the world, internally hosted or at our secure data centre.

Chemicalinventory has great connectivity options. This way you can easily connect the system to existing IT infrastructure like ELN or LIMS systems, and get the best from both worlds.

Chemicalinventory3The priority in the system design has been to create an extremely user-friendly application, which will take your current inventory operations and make it quicker and much more effective. This way saving time and money and let you focus on your key business. At the same time, we have done an extra effort to make the system secure and safe, even when accessing the application as a service. The extensive search facility makes it easy at any time to track, and access chemicals in your entire organization.



Inefficient chemical inventory management could be draining your laboratory of valuable time and money.

By tracking your chemicals’ inventory, location, quantity, safety information, users, and regulatory compliance requirements, you have this data available at the touch of a button.

With our best-practices system in place, real-time data about your inventory becomes available to every relevant individual… and only to the relevant individuals. With ease, you configure the access rules of the system and gives access only to the relevant personnel. You can look up exactly what you have, where it’s located, how much you use and how often, when to reorder, and how to use, store, and dispose of the chemicals safely. benefits
• Structure search
• Link SDS and safety information
• Demonstrate compliance with existing regulations
• View hazard classification and definitions
• Use barcodes to track containers
• Limit access to chemicals by user rights
• Hosted solution requires no hardware purchases – Stay organized