– Let the reactions create your business

Where Chemnotia plays a role for, e.g., your oncology project:
Identification of the right candidate drug is a time consuming task in drug discovery whereas the development of an adequate synthesis of the chosen molecule requires resource later. We have developed and compiled software and experience; therefore we can reduce the effort needed to be successful in both these tasks.

At first glance these two tasks might seem very different, but to us a key component in both is to utilize the powers found in extensive knowledge of chemical reactions.

Our background
We are specialists in synthetic organic chemistry and cheminformatics tools for synthesis planning.
• Long experience of medicinal chemistry and process development from AstraZeneca R&D (30+ years)
• Experts on supporting tools, including software for advanced synthesis design

Our Services

Service 1: Knowledge Based Compound Design – when you need a new molecule
Using our technology, we generate new virtual libraries of drug-like molecules.
We use reaction data base information to get ideas on which molecules can be made, and then apply various boundary criteria and filters to the output to identify the most interesting new molecules that
– contain the structural motifs required
– are not previously published
– are drug-like
– come with an associated short conceptual synthetic route

Of course, we collaborate with the customer to include project specific boundary criteria and filters.

Benefits of Knowledge Based Compound Design:
With our method there is an increased likeliness of reaching patentable chemical space with the added bonus that a synthetic route is suggested for all compounds.

Please contact us for more information about this service, which we call “Knowledge Based Compound Design”.


Chemnotia2Service 2: Route Map – the best way to produce a molecule
By combining our experience with the use of frontline software tools, we perform a comprehensive mapping of ideas for synthetic routes to the target molecule.  Based on this information, the project can then from the start focus on developing the route which is best suited for large scale production.

New projects:
– Faster Go/NoGo decisions
– Shorter time to market
– Better profitability

On-going projects:
– Secured substance delivery
– Reduced material needs
– Less waste

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