Chriship AS

Chriship AS – brief history

Chriship AS is a family owned company situated in Vesterålen in the northern part of Norway. The company has engaged in ship-owning and related activities since the very beginning of its more than 40 year history. The roots of the company, can be traced back to as early as 1858, where long experience and a well-founded tradition from the maritime sector have been maintained through several generations of ship-owners. Traditionally, the company has mainly focused on dry cargo, reefer, and container freight as both ship-owners, brokers and agents.

Since 2007, the company has extended it´s activities into the management of vessels in the supply/stand-by segment, currently operating three vessels in the North-Sea Basin. The company takes pride in being a safe, reliable partner for their crew, charterers and owners. An example is the management of M/V Tege (running T/C for Tollpost-Globe AS since 1984), which for 25 years (until 2013) was in traffic practically without ”off-hire”, not counting scheduled class upgrades and reconstructions for practical reasons.  The charterers value the reliability of Chriship AS’s services.


Chriship AS – today

Chriship AS is certified and compliant within ship operation (ISM/ISPS/ISO/Achilles) and operates today as a fully integrated ship operating company with all functions in house (manning, HSE, operation, technical, and accounting).
Specializing in safety and rescue, and with special focus on rescue of the personnel on the installations served by our vessels, we maintain a high level of documented competence onboard our vessels.

Through long experience operating in the arctic during wintertime, we have also kept a particular focus on the human, technical and operational challenges this represents. Chriship AS is also ship agents in our northern region, were we – in addition to having a firsthand knowledge of the areas – focus on a thorough and personal service. As ship-owners ourselves, we base our agency services on how we would like to see our interests as owners being looked after. Customer feed-back suggests that we are successful in achieving this. The company employs in 2015 about 67 persons, with 7 shore based staff and about 60 sailing crew.



Søndre Frydenlund Allé 6, NO-8400 Sortland
+47 76 11 04 00