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Companies in the oil and gas sector are increasingly looking toward CIGLOW with its unique flameless cigarette lighter to protect the workplace and the workforce from the threat of fire.

With clients across the globe benefiting by eliminating naked flames and combustibles whilst enabling smoking in a controlled environment

CIGLOW Stainless Steel Flameless Lighter unit – (CIG-SS)
The CIG-SS Wall mounted flameless lighter houses the quick heating element inside the tamperproof marine grade stainless steel enclosure.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Totally weatherproof up to IP65 rating
  • Illuminated push button when in use
  • Available with tamper proof security screws

Ciglow Bollard (CIG-BLD)
Stainless Steel Bollard with a self contained Ciglow Lighter unit, Grade 316 Stainless Steel with a Brush Satin finish. Specifically designed for use outdoors the Ciglow Post is an ideal and stylish solution. A variety of post heights are available dependent upon root fixing or base plate requirements.

  • Available for both root and base plate installation
  • Totally weatherproof – up to IP65 rating
  • Illuminated push button when in use
  • Available with tamper proof security screws

CIGLOW Flameless Lighter unit (CIG-UN)
This unit can be wall mounted into smoking shelters or on external walls and is especially good for environments where naked flames create a risk to the health and safety of others on site.

  • Plug in element can be replaced without any down time
  • Illuminated push button when in use
  • Available with mains lead for plug and go portability
  • IP44 rated

The flameless cigarette lighters are available in 230, 110 and 12 volt circuits with battery operated units also available for remote access areas. The units work form direct mains power or can be charged from a solar cell or wind turbine.

The range starts with IP44 rated indoor lighters and continues up to IP65 rated marine grade steel freestanding lighter units. Every Ciglow unit is manufactured with the highest quality durable parts in order to guarantee the quality of the product through use in the world’s toughest environments.

The units are operated via a push button ignition, which on the timer models starts an automatic heating cycle. The heating cycle of the machine will heat for 10 seconds and then prevent re-activation of the heating cycle for a further 10 seconds. These can be modified to suit your environment. Cigarettes can be lit by inserting the tip into the heating chamber until it touches the element, please note the cigarette will ignite without the smoker needing to place the butt of the cigarette in their mouth.

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