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Reducing emissions from shipping

• As of January 2015, there is a limit of 0,1% sulphur oxides (SOx) in ship’s exhaust gas when trading inside the Emissions Control Area (ECA). From 2020/2025 there is a global limit of 0,5% sulphur oxides.

• With an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) installed, vessels can continue burning heavy fuel oil instead of the more expensive distillate fuel and still comply with the air emission regulations.

• Clean Marine is dedicated to sulphur emission cleaning only and offers a proven, unique EGCS designed for the maritime industry. The company was founded in 2006 and more than 25 MUSD has been invested in development and testing of the EGCS. The Clean Marine employees have deep maritime and process expertise and are supporting installation, operation maintenance and service globally.

Cost-efficient choice

• Clean Marine EGCS is the only system currently on the market with Allstream exhaust gas handling. This means that all exhaust sources onboard – including boilers – are served by one common EGC unit without encountering an increase in back pressure.

• The Clean Marine EGCS is a cost-efficient option. Assuming a conservative USD 200 per metric ton price difference between marine gas oil and high sulphur fuel oil,- and 100% of operations inside an emission control area (ECA) – payback time on the investment would be less than two years.

Futureproof solution

• Clean Marine offers a hybrid system that can operate seamlessly in either open loop or closed loop (zero discharge mode). Seawater enriched with alkali is used to clean the exhaust and enables the vessel to operate in all types of water (including low alkaline and saline water) in either mode and without loss of efficiency. Full trading flexibility is secured.

• The Clean Marine EGCS meets all global, regional and local regulations for washwater discharges and is a futureproof solution given regulatory uncertainty.

Proven technology

• The first full scale installation of an all stream hybrid Clean Marine EGCS was done in 2009. Since then Clean Marine has done successfully installation (EGCS certified and in normal operation) onboard four more vessels. The first is the bulk carrier Venture (Ex. Balder), owned by Marbulk Shipping, which in 2013 was the first vessel in the world to operate this type of system in the North American ECA. The next one is the Dorian LPG owned VLGC Corvette which at the moment trades globally while the two last ones are the industries most advanced DP shuttle tankers Eagle Barents and Eagle Bergen, owned by AET.

• Clean Marine are also supplying EGCS for various vessels under construction for deliveries in 2016 and 2017. Some of them from leading yards in Korea and China for owners like BP shipping and Stolt Tankers.


Clean Marine welcomes the opportunity to assist ship owners and yards in solving their emissions challenge.

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