ClinStorage, the GDP and GMP storage and distribution provider

ClinStorage1• Storage of  e.g.  medicinal and investigational products, API, plasma, tissues and cells
• Wholesale distributor for medicinal  and investigational products
• Batch release and certification (QP Release)
• Import and  batch release of medicinal and investigational products from 3rd countries
• GMP audits

Devastating things can happen
Power cuts with freezers not working, samples mixed up or simply gone missing. Your samples represent a unique value and is a base for future development.

In deviation from the set required (GMP, GLP) specified temperature range, the value can be destroyed. There are many examples of when uncontrolled access to freezers and freezer facilities have led to loss of samples.

Examples of materials that need controlled storage are:
• Plasma and tissue samples from clinical studies (non public biobank)
• Samples from pre-clinical studies
• Recombinant produced proteins
• Cell-banks linked to the production of recombinant proteins
• Temperature-sensitive low molecular weight compounds and peptides
• Pharmaceutical drugs for clinical  trials and sales

We have the solution
We can offer the entire chain, including collection, transport and fridge/freezer storage. We provide GMP storage at liquid nitrogen temperature, -80, -20, 5 °C and RT.

ClinStorage offers the best solution for storage :

• Alarms and backup systems for both electricity and cooling, security 24/7
• For purpose-built premises from microliter to pallet storage
• Total solution for your business from freezing, sample logistics and safe storage according to GMP

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