Clockwork Bemanning
& Rekrytering AB

clockwork_01Clockwork is a new staffing and recruitment firm. We have extensive experience in the staffing industry and know how important it is to have a strong local presence.
As a full service company within the staffing industry, we help our customers with the provision of expertise and flexibility in all areas of their companies. Our services cover everything from the provision of staff for industry and clerks, to mining personnel, chauffeurs and overall recruitment. Clockwork currently employs around 100 staff and has five offices in northern Sweden. At Clockwork it is people that make the difference.

We recruit and offer for hire committed and experienced professionals for short or long term assignments in the mining sector.

With extensive experience in staffing on behalf of industrial and mining customers, we have developed a process that runs according to the needs of our clients. Hiring staff from us is an easy way to find a new employee. You can always hire personnel from Clockwork before later taking over their employment directly.

Clockwork Bemanning<br>& Rekrytering AB
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