CME, Construction Mining Equipment AB

CME, Construction Mining EquipCMEment AB is a leading manufacturer and developer of grinding equipment for button bits. We are pioneers in developing button bit technology – sharpening of button bits – and can offer complete solutions regarding planning and purchase of grinding equipment worldwide. Our grinding equipment can handle all types and sizes of button bits. We also provide accessories for mining and drilling such as mining cap lamps, blast hole plugs and shooting cable.

NLT Rebel Cap Lamp
With a bulb that lasts for at least 20,000 hours, The Rebel is a portable, all in one LED cap lamp with three light settings, including a super high 11,000 Lux beam. It has compact design and provides five hours of constant high beam light, or up to 20 hours at medium output. Color filters allow for maximum light and visibility while the light source includes a patented reflector for the ultimate light output and a perfectly focused spot. The high powered lithium Ion battery can be recharged over 500 times. The Rebel is mountable on a wide variety of headgear, belts, machinery and vehicles.

Robot Arm ESD II
The patented Robot Arm ESD II is a heavy-duty stationary button bit grinder designed to handle large volumes of bits in a production environment. Unmatched flexibility, superior button profile, ease of use and its high performance characteristics are what set this machine apart from the rest. Its reputation speaks for itself.


CME, Construction Mining Equipment AB
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