Cobalch ApS

CobalchCobalch ApS was established in 1982. The company markets products from leading manufacturers in Europe and America.

We aim to provide a high level of service and to deliver high quality products to our customers, as well as just-in-time deliveries. We also make sure that the necessary documentation follows the product to the end user.

Cobalch is a well established company and our wide expirence within our field enables us to offer everything from part solutions up to complete solutions for single projects, ensuring the best possible end result.

We supply a wide range of products:

  • PTFE sliding supports;
  • high grade spring hangers and supports;
  • constant hangers and supports;
  • pipe clamps;
  • lining for clamps;
  • u-bolts;
  • isolated u-bolts;
  • thread rods;
  • shackles thread eyes;
  • turnbuckles;
  • couplers;
  • beam hangers;
  • electrical insulation;
  • flangeinsulation;
  • protection against corrosion such as bolts and nuts;
  • permanent pipe repair for corroded or damaged pipes.
Cobalch ApS
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