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We create growth.
Connect is a non-profit organization that match entrepreneurs with competence and capital from the industry. By doing so we shorten the path to actual and lasting results.

Connect Springboard – takes your company to the next level
With help of Connect’s world-renowned Springboard, companies obtain access to domain experts who will help you develop the company’s business strategy and fine-tune your business plan in preparation for pitching it to investors, clients and other interested parties.

Connect Growth Capital
Connect matches growth companies with investment capital resources, crucial expertise and contacts for your success. Our network contains over 400 investors who are spread throughout Sweden. We offer investor meetings and a digital platform for you to find the right type of funding.

Connect creates opportunities for innovations, entrepreneurship, investment capital resources and the industry to join forces, thus providing companies with tools for generating growth and job opportunities. All of Connect’s activities and operations are built on the inputs and efforts volunteered by professionals from the business sector, universities and other organizations who contribute with their competence, experience and valuable contact networks. The model originated in San Diego and is today represented across the globe. This makes it possible for us to provide entrepreneurs with an extensive international network.

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We are represented in regional offices throughout Sweden. You will find the contact information to the office closest to you at

Connectsverige1Kontio Care AB has gone from the startup phase to product launch in only 18 months. As a fast growing, new M-health company, we depend on good connections in various categories. Connect has been very helpful both with their expertise and by introducing connections at their network meetings.
I can strongly recommend using their services.

Mattias Lag
Business Developper
Kontigo Care AB