Consis Norge AS

Consis was established in 1992 and are to day the third-largest accounting and consultancy chain in Norway. The chain has 50 branches with over 400 employees and 8,000 clients.

Our philosophy
We want to be seen as a team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants and business consultants. Our aim is to do more than just respond to our customer’s primary needs and also work with our customers to help them succeed.

Our organisation
The Consis-groupe is organised mostly as a franchise system, which means that they have local ownership. Of our 50 units, 15 locations are 100% owned by the central group. Still we are 50 houses of economics that combine local market expertise with a unique professional network, economies of scale and efficiency gained by being a house of economics in the Consis–group.

Large professional network
Consis consists of a nationwide network of accounting and consultancy offices. Consis has several hundred specialists with expertise in most sectors. This network offers operational and competence synergies for you as an Consis client.

Services tailored to clients‘ needs
Our services are adapted to all companies and organisations. Flexible services mean that we can adapt ourselves to most requirements. You can outsource the entire finance function or opt to perform parts of the work yourself. As an Consis client, you are provided with clear, easily comprehensible accounting reports.

Clearly defined quality requirements and routines
All Consis branches follow a quality assurance programme which guarantees that clients are provided services in accordance with expectations and the requirements set out by the authorities. Consis has its own quality assurance committee which performs both local and document-based supervision of all our offices.

Consis Norge AS
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