ControlCutter AS

The ControlCutter is a device for automatic, controlled cutting and securing of the ends of any type of wire or chain during uncontrolled or emergency anchor handling. The ControlCutter is a mechanical system and therefore can operate within any area onboard rigs and vessels. Using a unique alloy in our mechanical knifes, allow us to cut chains up to 165 mm in less than 3 seconds. The ControlCutter is preferably mounted in front of the spooler unit systems as a permanent emergency release tool that can be activated during anchor handling operations.

Icebergs are also a huge threat in the challenging Arctic and what may appear small on the surface may be enormous below. An iceberg can make contact with a rig or installation unexpectedly, creating huge strains on anchor chains and even closely monitored ice floes can rapidly change direction.

For offshore semi-submersible rigs, anchors can drag over large distances during severe storms and hurricanes, posing major risks of rupture of live oil and gas pipelines and subsea facilities. Remotely releasing these chains from shore could eliminate these risks if, and only if, the resulting risks associated with a temporarily free-drifting rig has been addressed.

Also, there is no technology available that does what ControlCutter does – safely release large anchor chains in an emergency within prescribed time limits of 3 seconds. The safety benefits for offshore vessels and their crew are enormous and this has been recognized through the strong interest of vessel owners and offshore operators. The system does not need any personnel on the deck while operating and will be pre-installed or post-fitted as part of the equipment of the vessel.

ControlCutter AS
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