Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design





CIID is located in the centre of Copenhagen. The space hosts CIID’s integrated structure of Education, Consulting and Research. Spread across multiple floors are student studios, lecture spaces, consulting offices and facilities such as a workshop, photo studio and an electronics lab. The ground floor of the building is Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Designprimarily used for OPEN lectures, exhibitions and other public facing events.

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is a hybrid enterprise that blends design consulting, interaction design education and design research. Our aim is to deliver beautiful experiences to the world that are people-centred and business-focused. CIID Consulting works with global companies to support innovation in the categories of interaction design, services and business strategy.

CIID works with methods that are based on applying creativity to real life needs. By envisioning, creating and showcasing new behaviours for and experiences with technology, CIID innovates while keeping people at the centre of solutions. CIID’s multidisciplinary team combines skills in narrative storytelling, visual design and hands-on technology prototyping to create proofs of concept early in the design stage.

CIID designs interfaces, services and devices for a wide cross section of companies ranging from medical and logistics, to consumer products. Our clients include Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Lufthansa, Intel, Nokia and BenQ.

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
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