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Making implants more tissue-friendly
Every year millions of implants are being introduced into patients, be it chronic catheters, coronary stents, tissue engineered matrices or cell therapies. All of these implants initiate inflammatory reactions which may lead to compromised function of the implant, or even worse, serious adverse events for the patient.

At Corline, we think we have the solution to this everyday health care problem. The Corline Heparin Conjugate, CHC™, effectively attenuates inflammatory reactions locally at the site of implantation while avoiding potential risks associated with systemic treatments. Inflammation, complement and the coagulation systems interact, and CHC™ used in this way will help reduce thrombus formation and decrease ischemia reperfusion injury, and may also improve revascularization of the implant.

Corline works in two market segments: medical devices and regenerative medicine. In medical devices CHC™ has been used in more than 100,000 patients for coronary stents, and Corline is now preparing its first ever launch in the US together with a major vascular device manufacturer. For that purpose a DMF has been filed with the FDA.

In the regenerative medicine area Corline is developing truly innovative surface modification strategies to protect cells that are administered

systemically (e.g. for diabetes type 1, liver failure or inflammatory bowel disease), new technologies to improve biological matrices (used for soft tissue repair) and approaches to treat solid organs prior to transplantation. Corline is approved to start first-in-man clinical trials for Diabetes type 1 using CHC™ to coat and protect Islets of Langerhans during transplantation. We are expecting to show safety of this unique approach in the current study and will based on those result expand to a multi-centre study come 2016.

Recently the CHC™ technology received financial support by BioX to develop proof of concept data for ex vivo coating of the kidney vasculature prior to transplantation in order to attenuate ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI). IRI is a debilitating condition which as of yet has no satisfactory treatment. The project represents a new regulatory route for CHC™, being the first pharma development project undertaken in the company.

CHC™ is clearly a unique compound and technology platform which lends itself to a multitude of development routes where significant clinical benefits are expected. It builds on heparin residues with a well established safety profile.

Corline is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.



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