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Cortus AB. green energy, woodroll green powerEnergy-intensive industries such as steel, pulp, and lime production require clean fuels and high energy combustion gases. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are the most common fuels for these industries till date.

Cortus’ WoodRoll® Solution
Cortus is introducing green power to energy-intensive industries, based on our patented biomass gasification technology WoodRoll®.

WoodRoll® is our way of solving global and environmental issues by providing sustainability. We replace fossil fuels with green gas generated from biomass.

In classical gasification, drying, pyrolysis and gasification are executed in a single step in a single reactor. WoodRoll® separates these processes into three steps and uses innovative heat exchangers to conserve heat.

Our Distinctive Factor
Unique to the WoodRoll® process is the fact that char is gasified in a reactor that is heated indirectly. The carbon is gasified with steam and produces synthesis gas, which does not mix with exhausts from combustion or nitrogen from the air. This results in clean synthesis gas without nitrogen dilution (conventional methods have up to 50% dilution).

The cleaner synthesis gas produced eliminates further downstream filtering or purification process for removal of unwanted substances within the gas stream, hence translating to further cost savings for customers.

Thermal efficiency of 80% is possible to achieve, with creative usage of heat exchangers for heat recovery. Heat surplus from gasification is used to heat the pyrolysis reactor and to vaporize water in the gasification reactor, among others.

WoodRoll® also has great fuel flexibility, which means being able to use low-grade renewable fuels without compromising process performance. This has been verified through our extensive research in laboratory and excellent pilotscale testing results from various biomasses, from pellets to sludges.

Energy and Cost Savings
The target market in EU has 202 Mtons of fossil CO2 emissions to be lowered by implementing WoodRoll. The US market has 216 Mtons and Canada has 26 Mtons of fossil CO2 emissions.

WoodRoll® can reduce CO2 emissions by 44 million tons per year by 2020 if implemented in 10% of steel, pulp, cement and similar industries in the US, Europe and Canada. Cortus technology offers savings in energy costs of 20% to 40%.

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