Cubility AS

It’s been a busy few months for Sandnes-based Cubility AS as the company continues to strengthen its position as an industry leader in primary solids control  solutions that dramatically improve efficiencies in drilling operations.

Rather than messy, noisy, vibration-based shale-shakers – around since the 1930’s – Cubility’s industry leading MudCube  uses an enclosed vacuum-based filtration system to remove solids from drilling fluids. The improved separation capabilities of the MudCube mean that drilling fluid is better quality and reduces the need to spend resources on additional chemicals to improve the mud.

Cubility AS

Improved operational efficiencies, reduced drilling fluid costs, better mud quality and significant HSE benefits are just some of the MudCube’s benefits as it continues to revolutionize drilling operations in the North Sea and beyond. Being a compact technology, the MudCube also frees up much-needed rig space and reduces weight, improving the drilling rig’s variable deck loads (VDL).

Since its 2012 introduction to market, Cubility’s MudCube has been deployed in drilling sites in the North Sea, Middle East, Far East, South America and the US Marcellus Shale Play. New Regional Managers have been appointed for the Far East and North America – demonstrating Cubility’s expanded global footprint – and a partnership arrangement has been signed with a Canadian-based drilling specialist to sell, install and support the MudCube solution onshore North America.

With the intensity of drilling operations – both offshore and onshore, the need to monitor the bottom line and stringent environmental and HSE controls, solids control and waste management technologies are a critical element of successful drilling operations today. Cubility’s MudCube is leading the way, revolutionizing the industry and providing the complete solids control solution.


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