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CureVac – the RNA people®
RNA was the first important biomolecule in evolution. Its utilization for medical purposes was believed for a long time to be impossible. But CureVac has changed that paradigm and has been successful in optimizing RNA’s natural structure to develop RNA-based medicines. CureVac was founded in 2000 in Tübingen, Germany. Today, this biopharmaceutical company possesses robust and versatile RNA technology platforms that are well positioned to address global healthcare needs. ‘The RNA people’ have the ambitious goal of making the first mRNA-based drug available to people in need.

With its RNActive® technology, CureVac is advancing the field of mRNA-based cancer immunotherapies and prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases. Furthermore CureVac is using RNA as the basis of RNAdjuvant®, an innovative adjuvant for enhancing the immune response of peptides, proteins and other vaccines.

CureVac has successfully established the first GMP facility worldwide for the manufacture of RNA and mRNA and has pioneered mRNA-based drugs in clinical studies.

CureVac’s RNA Technology – Inspired by Nature
In the human body, RNA carries out a multitude of tasks. One of its key functions is the transfer of genetic information into proteins. Messenger RNA (mRNA) translates the genetic message encoded in DNA into its corresponding protein.

CureVac’s IP-protected active pharmaceutical ingredients bring a “healthy message” to the treated person and adhere to the same functional principles found in nature. The format is simple: the body receives specific information that is coded in mRNA and uses this information to produce its own, custom-tailored protein as medicine.

RNActive® – CureVac’s Versatile mRNA Technology Platform
CureVac’s ingeniously engineered RNActive® technology is a smart combination of optimized, antigen-coding mRNA together with complexed mRNA that confers an additional stimulus to the immune system.

RNActive® Cancer Immunotherapy
CureVac is developing immunotherapies against cancer based on the RNActive® technology. The company’s current clinical focus is on treatments for both prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

In both diseases, the company has successfully completed international phase I/IIa clinical trials. CureVac is currently running a number of clinical trials, including a large randomized phase IIb clinical trial in castration-resistant prostate cancer.

RNActive® Prophylactic Vaccines
RNActive® prophylactic vaccines represent a novel technology for the production of safe, efficacious and cost-effective vaccines for infectious diseases.

In March 2014, CureVac received the €2 million Vaccine Prize from the European Commission for its RNActive® vaccine technology. In particular, the jury acknowledged the fact that the mRNA-based vaccines do not require a cold chain during transport and storage. Therefor this novel technology may enable the transportation of life-saving vaccines to people across the planet in safe and affordable ways. Through the use of CureVac’s technology, it is possible to rapidly produce mRNA-based vaccines against infectious diseases and to deliver these to the most remote areas of the world without requiring a cold chain.

RNAdjuvant® – built upon long-chain, non-coding RNA molecules – improves the quantity and quality of the immune response, thereby amplifying the effects of immunotherapeutic treatments against cancer or of conventional vaccines used to prevent infectious diseases.

CureVac’s In-House GMP Multi-Product Facility
CureVac operates its own multi-product GMP facility that allows for the very rapid production of all RNA and mRNA drug-products from one common platform. More than 1,000 mRNA constructs have already been successfully produced by this standardized process. CureVac’s multi-product facility has been audited numerous times by governmental authorities and has received several manufacturing approvals for clinical trials (PEI, FDA, Swissmedic).

From Science to Patients – CureVac’s R&D Pipeline
Based on current knowledge, CureVac’s proprietary technology can encode every naturally occurring protein with specially optimized RNA and mRNA and express those in the body. In this manner, many different diseases and infections can be treated or prevented.

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