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CytoVac is a biotechnology company developing new cancer therapies based on the patient’s own cellular immune system. A new adoptive cell therapy technology ALECSAT is the basis for the development of potent therapeutic cancer vaccines. Vast experience in immunology and cell biology research has enabled the development of this novel technology, which offers a range of advantages over existing cancer vaccines.

Specific cells from the immune system are isolated from a blood donation; these cells are then activated and cultivated outside the body. These autologous cytotoxic T-cells (CTL) and Natural Killer (NK) cells are then returned to the cancer patient where they attach cancer cells and help the patient’s immune system to win the battle against cancer.

Clinical Development
CytoVac is clinically developing its cell based cancer therapy – it is shown in clinical trials that the treatment is safe and well tolerated. In clinical phase Ia and Ib trials for both Prostate cancer and Glioblastoma patients, there are clear indications that the treatment may be clinically effective. Clinical phase I studies in pancreatic cancer have started and phase II studies in Glioblastoma will start shortly.

Good clinical data: “In the prostate cancer trials we are able to lower or stabilize Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels (a validated indicator of prostate cancer development) and see reductions in bone metastasis. In the Glioblastoma trial data indicates that patients treated with ALECSAT may experience disease stabilization and other responses such as tumor size reductions and improved quality of life, and there are even indications for prolonged survival.”

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CytoVac has “state of the art” research and production facilities.
The dedicated GMP production facilities are approved by the Danish
authorities for pharmaceutical production and handling human cells
and tissue.

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