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Dacon AS has since 1979 been developing and produsing maritime rescue and recovery equipment for professional use. We provide solutions to vessels of all types and sizes.

Give us a challenge and we’ll find a solution that minimizes risk to the crew whilst maximizing the chances of a successful rescue. Our long experience in working with the offshore industry in the North Sea and North Atlantic helps us find solutions that will work also in severe weather.



Dacon Rescue Scoop
• Power-assisted method of recovering able or disabled persons from the sea.
• Standard equipment on most Standby vessels in the North Sea and North Atlantic.
• Provides a means of recovery in rough weather with limited risk for the crew.

Dacon Scrambling Nets
• Rigid, non-slip climbing aid that allows able persons to board quickly from the sea or FRC.
• Optional fold-over installation frames suspend the nets 250 mm from the ship side to meet UKOOA requirements.
• Hauling lines for assisted recovery of exhausted survivors unable to scramble to safety.

Dacon Rescue Basket
• Efficient equipment in situations with multiple persons in distress.
• Easy ”float in” entry into the basket.
• Heavy duty materials for long service life.
• Satisfies class & flag state requirements for ”temporary refuge in the sea”.

Dacon Rescue Frame
• Horizontal recovery with full length body support.
• Efficient and safe for crew and person in distress.
• Manual models as well as powered solutions for all types of craft.
• Satisfies class & flag state requirements for ”careful recovery” with ”least effort by the crew”.

Dacon Rescue Dummy
• Rugged and realistic training dummy with human proportions (1,9 m tall, 85 kg weight). Waterfilled for drills, drainable for storage.
• Used for man-overboard-, helicopter- and other demanding water rescue training.

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