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Dafra Pharma International is a privately owned, European group of pharmaceutical companies bringing high quality medicines within the reach of patients in Africa for over 15 years. Underlying our success is a unique local commercial network that feels the heartbeat of the African market and currently covers over 30 countries. More than 150 people carry out our message every day.

The basis of the current Dafra Pharma International structure has been laid by the successful development and distribution of malaria treatments based on artemisinin derivatives. Building on these stable and valued foundations, Dafra Pharma has developed a product diversification program that has turned the company into a total health care solution provider. In addition to our proprietary antimalarial products, we market high-quality branded generics, healthcare products and food supplements. Dafra Pharma focuses strongly on teamwork and on valued and trustworthy partnerships. As part of our strategy, we are open to partner with other health care companies with complementary product portfolios active in non-overlapping geographical areas.

Since its foundation, Dafra Pharma International has committed to research on new and optimized treatments for people suffering from tropical diseases. We care about the health and wellbeing of African people and want to continue bringing hope to neglected patient populations. To meet this goal, a research branch named Dafra Pharma R&D was created in 2007 that is devoted to the development and improvement of therapeutic options for neglected diseases.

Dafra Pharma Research and Development

Dafra Pharma R&D is a small multi-disciplinary unit focused on the development of new chemical entities in particular for the treatment of infectious diseases. By using a virtual business model, Dafra Pharma R&D designs and efficiently executes targeted development plans that quickly progress compounds to clinical proof-of-concept. Dafra Pharma R&D is an SME that receives annual financial support of the Dafra Pharma International group but is also funded through national and international public grant programs.

Over the past five years, Dafra Pharma R&D has undertaken the development of new proprietary drugs in the fields of neglected tropical diseases and fungal infections. We have selected our lead compound D121 because it combines excellent oral bioavailability with a broad range of activity against parasites and fungal/yeast strains. D121 has shown excellent efficacy in animal models of leishmaniasis, Cryptosporodium parvum infection, systemic candidemia and aspergillosis. In addition, extensive safety and toxicology studies have demonstrated that the drug is highly safe and devoid of hepatic, renal or cardiac toxicity, and not prone to drug-drug interactions. A clinical Phase I study has confirmed oral tolerance and safety of D121 in humans. Several formulations of
the drug have been developed, including oral solid tablets and liposomal intravenous formulations.

Dafra Pharma R&D currently focuses the clinical development of D121 on the indication leishmaniasis, a neglected parasitic disease for which a high medical need for safe and effective treatments exists. Leishmaniasis is a disease on the rise that affects millions of patients on all continents, in both developing and developed regions. D121 has shown extraordinary potential for the treatment of leishmaniasis and could represent a fast-acting and easy-to-use solution for either treatment or preventive care, with applications in both human and veterinary medicine. In addition to the indication leishmaniasis, Dafra Pharma R&D continues to explore the full potential of D121 to treat or prevent fungal/yeast infections, or other parasitic diseases such as Chagas disease or Cryptosporidum infection.

Dafra Pharma R&D is interested in exploring possible partnerships aiming to enable D121 to reach clinical proof-of-concept (Phase II) in the therapeutic area of infectious diseases. We are open to discuss various options for participation and/or investment in this project as well as to explore research financing opportunities. Dafra Pharma is also open to partner or out-license the development of D121 for veterinary leishmaniasis, in order to fully leverage the commercial potential of the drug.



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