Dako Denmark A/S

With a heritage of over 45 years, Dako is a leading global provider of highquality cancer diagnostic reagents and instruments used by pathologists, hospital labs and researchers around the world.

Dako was established in 1966, when Danish medical doctor Niels Harboe founded the company and played a pioneering role in the standardizing antibodies for clinical use; since then the company has grown into a global business with a leading position in the pathology segment of the in vitro diagnostics industry.

Today, Dako is headquartered in Denmark with manufacturing and research sites in Denmark and the United States and more than 1,200 committed employees. Dako’s reagents, instruments and software are sold in more than 100 markets.

In 2012, Dako became part of Agilent Technologies – the world’s premier measurement company. Agilent has a global footprint of more than 20,000 employees in more than 100 countries – a global reach that is now benefiting Dako.

Dako’s strong focus on anatomic pathology and its relentless fight against cancer is accompanied by a separate and focused business division targeting retail and OEM customers – Dako Reagent Partnership Division.

Reagent Partnership offers a comprehensive product portfolio as well as a large, world-wide network of distributors to ensure prompt access and support to partners and customers around the globe.

Reagent Partnership has two major product categories:
Specific Proteins and Flow Cytometry.

Within the field of clinical immunochemistry, Reagent Partnership possesses long-standing experience at producing reagents for measuring proteins in body fluids. These reagents have been developed in particular for turbidimetry, nephelometry and ELISA, techniques which exploit the fast and specific reaction between antibody and antigen.

Reagent Partnership’s major product categories within Specific Proteins:

• Turbidimetry and Nephelometry
• Test Systems
• Kits/Reagents
• Antibodies
• Buffers
• Calibrators and Controls
• Chromogranin A ELISA Kit
• Diabetes, ELISA Kits
• Accessory products for ELISA Kits
• Multipurpose Antibodies for Clinical Chemistry

Flow cytometric immunophenotyping is becoming an important tool for diagnosing acute and chronic leukemia. Reagent Partnership offers a broad panel of high-quality products for this area which are widely used in hospitals as well as in research laboratories.

Reagent Partnership’s major product categories within Flow Cytometry:

• FITC/RPE/APC Reagent Line
• FITC/RPE/RPE-Cy5 Reagent Line
• Secondary Antibody Conjugates
• CD34+ Cells, Enumeration Kit and Count Kit
• Lysing, Fixation and Permeabilization Reagents
• Primary Single-Color Reagents
• Conjugated Control Reagents
• Single-Color Mouse Isotype Reagents
• Single-Color Rabbit Ig Reagents
• MultiMix™ Dual and Triple-Color Reagents
• MultiMix™ Dual and Triple-Color Isotype Reagents
• Calibration Beads

Dako Denmark A/S
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