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Supreme supplier of fire retardant fabrics

The history of Daletec started in 1879, when the first textile mill was founded between steep mountains on the Norwegian west coast. The factory soon became the largest textile enterprise in Norway, with a large range of products.

In the seventies the Norwegian North Sea adventure started, when the trial drilling for oil was successful. This break through led to demands for garments suitable for the rough weather conditions offshore, and with the experience Daletec had as a textile mill it was natural to start working on these challenges. During the past three decades, the company has built up a unique knowledge within how to develop and produce fire retarding fabric.

Today, Daletec is one of the most well-known producers of flame retardant fabric in the world, with customers in more than 40 countries throughout all continents. With the unique technical knowledge Daletec is able to offer both fabrics with a large range of useful properties, as well as technical assistance when needed.

Product range
The product range includes products in cotton and cotton/polyester blends which are water repellent, antistatic, high visible and which resists sparks and molten metal. The combination of these properties and hundreds of colours gives Daletec an advantage very useful in order to keep the lead as technical superior.

All Daletec’s products are certified to current EN and ISO standards in collaboration with well-known, independent certification bodies. Some products are also certified for special local standards, as national firemen standards, NFPA and ENV standards.

Daletec is Oeko-Tex certified, and guarantees that the products contain no health risk substances for the garment user. The company is committed through the ISO 9001 certificate to employ the most advanced technological expertise and use the best raw materials and water based chemicals, in order to ensure both high product quality and to enhance the effort to protect both the internal and the external environment. Daletec also works actively to reduce the use of chemicals according to the company’s ISO 14001 certification, an effort that benefits both the end user and the environment.


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