Damvig Develop A/S

Damvig Develop A/S

Damvig Develop A/S was founded in 1995 by Jesper and Susanne Damvig.

The company is well known for its unique ability to delivering prototypes, fast in a very high quality. Damvig Develop A/S produces 3D Prototypes (RPT) and models to the Danish Industry as well as other countries in Europe with the following product areas:
• Medical and Laboratory Equipment
• Electronic Equipment
• Security & communication equipment
Damvig Develop A/SUsing objects
• Packaging
• Toys

Our business concept and goals, is through personal counseling, to help the customer with delivery of prototypes that has a high and uniform quality with delivery times of up to 2–5 days on SLA and SLS items and 1–2 weeks on prototypes produced through the moulding technique PUR.

• Quality – We take pride in being able to deliver the best prototypes, every time.
• Trust – We show great respect for the customer’s work and treats ALL confidential.
• Efficiency – We ensure that our working methods to speed up the process to the client.
• Passion – We ensure that all employees add passion in his work, to give the customer the best prototype, every time.

Damvig Develop A/S has a vision to be Northern Europe’s leader in additive manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping.
We will be the preferred supplier of prototypes in Denmark.

Damvig Develop A/S will achieve its vision by:
• Consistently deliver high quality prototypes.
• Be the company that has the largest ”know how” in the industry.
• Meet customer expectations on quality and delivery.
• Help to develop new technologies and their use.

Rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology. The first technique for rapid prototyping was made in the late 1980s and is used to produce models and prototypes. They are also used today to produce production parts in smaller numbers.

SLA is a liquid monomer (epoxy) which layer upon layer is cured by a laser beam. SLA prototypes are functional and can be clique and screwed together. Models / 3D prototypes can be sanded and painted. SLA technology gives the best result when very fine detail is in the subject.

SLS is nylon powder that is melted together layer by layer. SLS prototypes are operational and can be snapped and screwed together. Models / 3D prototypes can be sanded and painted. SLS technology is highly suitable for functional models and direct production.

Polyjet is an acrylic-based liquid which is, by using a UV light, cured layer by layer. Polyjet technology is very suitable for design models and modeling / 3D Prototypes. Can be built directly into the rubberlike material. Polyjet technology provides a fast production flow, and a detailed subject that is close to SLA topic driven at normal resolution.

Casts of polyurethane (plastic material with similar properties such as nylon, rubber, ABS, PP, etc.) after your specified criteria, hardness, surface and color. PUR technology is very suitable for testing and promotional materials (eg photo for brochure, tradeshow exhibition, etc.). We can also offer castings in several metals.

Damvig Develop A/S
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