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Danbor gears up for logistics success

Danbor may be a relative newcomer to the offshore logistics business in Scotland, but over thirty years’ experience running offshore supply bases in Denmark and Greenland means that the company can offer a wealth of experience. So it is perhaps not too surprising that Danbor has established a reputation for outstanding service, particularly in dealing with complex projects and has already added some of the biggest oil and gas companies to its customer list.

In the past nine months, the company has bought a £3million warehouse, yard and office complex in Aberdeen’s Altens Industrial estate and negotiated leases on a deep water quayside support vessel base and two additional storage facilities in Montrose.

Company chief executive Kim Christensen says that it’s just the beginning for the company, commenting, “We are making a major investment in the north east of Scotland and expect to double our workforce in Montrose and Aberdeen in the coming year. We’re already on the lookout for additional storage facilities”.

Danbor Ltd is part of the Danbor Group which was formed in 1978 and has become a leading international contractor, operating globally. The company offers a number of logistics services including inventory and materials management, supply base and freight management services with a focus on safety, quality and superb service.

The Danbor team can offer a complete logistics service, shipping just about anything to any part of the world and no challenge has beaten them so far. In the past, members of Danbor’s team have shipped airfreight and sea cargoes to and from oilfield centres around the world.

Mr Christensen added, “The level of service we offer our customers means that we’ve been awarded two major contracts already and have several more projects in the pipeline over the next year. Danbor is also attracting a number of enquiries in decommissioning and early stage interest from the offshore renewable sector, so we believe that we have the capacity and capability to become one of Scotland’s leading offshore logistics operators.

“Our supply base facilities at Montrose include new deep water berths meaning we can offer an integrated shipping and storage service for offshore equipment. The new base has become very popular for refurbishment and inspection projects, as well as transporting expensive or bulky specialist equipment which needs to be stored in a secure base and shipped out to different installations.

“Currently we are working with a major oil company of a project that has seen more that 30 ships deliver 5000 tonnes of anchor chain to Montrose for inspection and refurbishment or recycling and replacement chains shipped out to the field. Multi-faceted projects require precision and attention to detail as well as co-operation and communication and this is what we’re good at.”

“We’re always happy to discuss challenging projects with existing and potential clients, as well as meeting their day to day storage and logistics requirements. We believe our service and facilities are second to none and that our commitment to building business and creating jobs in Scotland will make us the logistics provider of choice for the energy and renewable sectors”.


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