Danish Pilot Service P/S

Vessels can be boarded on their approach to Danish waters or at one of the marked points. Let us guide you safely through the Danish T-route, through our inner waters and into our ports.

We offer deep sea pilotage to major Danish ports:
• Aabenraa/Ensted • Aalborg • Aarhus • Copenhagen
• Fredericia (Shell/DUC crude) • Kalundborg (Statoil/Asnaes) • Stigsnaes

And harbour pilotage in the following Danish ports:
• Aabenraa/Ensted • Aalborg • Copenhagen • Fredericia • Kalundborg

Additionally, DPS is also carrying out mooring service in the port of Fredericia. Consequently, we can offer a total package comprising pilotage and mooring/unmooring service. Let us have a discussion regarding a contract based rebate scheme covering the mentioned services.

To require pilotage and mooring
Phone us at +45 75 91 44 96 or send an e-mail to info@danishpilotservice.dk We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pilotage in Danish waters – the private & necessary alternative
The Danish Pilot Service P/S (DPS) was founded in 2007 as a result of a new Danish Pilot Act in 2006. According to this law, DPS is allowed to carry out all pilotages to and from all Danish ports. However, transit pilotage is still a governmental monopoly area and hence DPS can not undertake these for the time being.

Why use Danish Pilot Service?
Our presence in the market is your only guarantee of fair prices to and from Danish ports. We are continuously questioning the governmental monopoly for transit pilotage through Danish waters in order to secure owners reasonable costs. We are the independent private alternative to the governmental monopoly. We believe that our customers deserve the best, and we always do our utmost to deliver second to none services. We welcome your support as customers, and we need your support to continuously challenge the monopoly on transits through Danish waters.

Mooring in the port of Fredericia?
Fremoco was founded in Fredericia 1954 by a local pilot. Fremoco have 10 linesmen and 2 working boats and all our staff have long experiences with mooring/unmooring operations – also important to mention we always have an emergency team ready if same should be required at Shell Terminal, and it is always the same people we have in our teams.

At Fremoco we focus on safety, service, and quality. We carry out a running quality control according to the Pilot Safety Management System. All our staff is going through programmed education, training, and certifi cation systems to fulfill high demands.

We look forward to serving your company!

Danish Pilot Service P/S