Danish Solar Energy LTD

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. (GmBh) , was established in 1993 and is one of the pioneers in the photovoltaic business. We produces the high quality photovoltaic HEM PV modules from Denmark, and have through the years done many related types processes from Module manufacturing to complete system provider. Danish Solar Energy Ltd. – are nominated as one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark with more than 18 years of experience with production, project management, system design and installation of all types of photovoltaic power systems.
…our dream is a world that empowers people to use solar energy without limits…
Our vision mean:

Providing best-in-class product and consulting advice, equipment and services that are vital to expanding our customers’ energy capabilities. Behaving as citizens of the world, and valuing the positive influence multicultural societies have on our company. Being the partner of choice because we collaborate closely with customers, will be there wherever, whenever they need us and are highly accountable.

Earning the trust of customers and our employees not only for the result we achieve, but how we achieve it.

  • Design and planning – solar/windgenerators.
    – PV modules – Electronics – low energy consumption equipment.
  • Photovoltaic modules in all shapes and colors
    – BIPV, Hybrid modules
  • Lighting systems with very low energy consumption
  • Water pumping from for deep wells and long pipelines.
  • Water cleaning system (drinking water).
  • Display units(display PV-in / out Watts, also big sizes).
  • Power distribution units.
  • Module mounting systems.
  • Module wiring units.
  • Inverter DC/AC – AC/DC – DC/DC Inverter units
Danish Solar Energy LTD
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