Danish Wastewater Equipment


 Danish Wastewater Equipment was established in 1995 and is an international sales, service and consultancy company. We manufacture a wide variety of machinery for waste water treatment plants from inlet to outlet.

The parent company, KD Maskinfabrik, has worked for municipalities, the industry and consulting engineering companies for more than 40 years with projecting, manufacturing and mounting of machinery for water and waste water treatment plants, both domestic and international. This has given the company a knowhow which makes it possible for us to solve almost all tasks.

Product quality is essential
Our products live up to stated quality requirements with regards to design, functionality and service life. The workmanship is solid. The products are carried by a high level of professionalism, a critical approach to the work and personal responsibility for the individual product.

Our products are created in close collaboration with our customers. Thus, we work with a close dialogue with our customers to ensure the optimum solution. Danish Wastewater Equipment is quick to adjust, both in terms of production and advice. We want to have a short reaction time and flexibility – and we do.

Besides supply and mounting of mechanical equipment we can make detailed designs, plans and capacity calculations in order to give the most optimum financial operation conditions possible.

Furthermore, we can offer an after-sales service where we guarantee delivery of spare/wear parts within max. 24 hours.


Danish Wastewater Equipment
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