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Denmark: Global leader in the wind industry
For more than 30 years Denmark has been the leading centre of wind power technology. It is one of the most important business areas in Denmark which in 2012 accounted more than 4 percent of the total Danish export representing a value of 8,8 billion USD.

The Danish wind industry has managed to turn wind technology into praxis. As pioneer in the field of wind energy Denmark has proved this energy source to be reliable on a large scale. In Denmark wind farms cover approximately 30 percent of the total electricity consumption. The large Danish success is first and foremost due to a long-term tradition for collaboration within the industry.

A culture of integrated solutions and innovation
Danish suppliers have a long tradition of forming partnerships, creating joint development to improve the technology and last but not least forming integrated solutions. The tradition stems from a certain degree of trust between Danish companies. This derives from the so-called co-operative movement, which is an old and widespread strategy where small businesses join forces in economical unions to strengthen their position. This culture has been a massive source of inspiration to the Danish wind industry which today is characterized by co-operation and a willingness to share experience.

At the same time Danish suppliers have been around since the birth of wind power.

“Denmark is the cradle of wind power. Here it all began 40 years ago, and domestic political support has helped the industry grow and foster suppliers with widespread technical experience and knowledge within the entire supply chain,” tells Rikke Berg, Business Sector Manager in Danish Wind Energy Group (DWEG). In DWEG 140 key suppliers from the Danish wind industry join forces in sales efforts to the global wind markets.

A small country must go global
As well as having a collaborative business culture and massive technical experience, Denmark stands out by being both local and global. The Danish domestic market is small but this has in no way been an obstacle for the Danish suppliers to the wind industry. ”Our domestic market is not big, and therefore Danish suppliers have for long been focusing on the global as well as the domestic market. This has made Danish suppliers highly flexible when it comes to meeting different standards on local markets around the globe. This also means that Danish companies have long experience when it comes to meeting the requirements of local content,” says Rikke Berg from DWEG.

Nearly 200 companies from the Danish wind industry went abroad with DWEG on export drives in 2012 to 5 different international markets.

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