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At DBB Jack-Up Services A/S, we are at the technological forefront as a dedicated service provider to the offshore wind industry.

DBB Jack-Up Services helps you save time, and more importantly, makes it safer for your technicians to perform necessary inspections, maintenance or repairs to turbine components – even in constantly changing conditions at sea. We are proud to have the first self-propelled, heavy-lift barge with a permanently mounted, large-scale, telescopic crane on board. That means DBB Jack-Up is capable of handling maintenance and repairs of wind turbines at a height of 100 meters.

Dynamic positioning of the vessel is another of our capabilities. We work with incredible precision – getting our jack-up barge as close as seven meters from the turbine. As turbines are increasing in size and moving further offshore, DBB are designing and building new vessels to meet our client’s requirements.

While our innovative, self-propelled vessels with containerized equipment offer flexibility and speed, it is the knowledge and skill of our people that will benefit you most. We understand the extremely complicated nature of servicing wind turbines at sea. We have the experience to know what’s needed and when – and can rapidly adapt to changes, if necessary.

Our professional team at DBB Jack-Up can work together with you to:

   • Plan, document and execute offshore wind turbine maintenance and repairs
   • Optimize offshore wind operations
   • Train personnel in offshore wind equipment use
   • Meet offshore wind industry standards, regulations and guidelines
   • Minimize down-time and maximize results

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help optimize your service operations.

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