Deep Sea Anchors


Deep Sea Anchors is a provider of innovative anchor solutions for mooring of offshore floating structures especially where soft seabed sediments are prevalent. Our main product is the Deep Penetrating Anchor (DPA™) a dynamically installed anchor, which utilizes gravity as the driving force. These anchors can reach velocities of 100 km/hour or more and penetrate to well below mudline into stiff clay sediments and are thus applicable for catenary as well as taut leg mooring.

Features of DPA:

– Installed as a free-fall anchor
– No external energy source required
– Can be loaded in any direction
– Large holding capacity
– Applicable for taut leg mooring
– Low sensitivity to increasing water depth
– Applicable for both permanent and non permanent anchoring solutions.

Competitive Advantages of DPA:

– Rapid installation – 6 seconds from release
– More cost effective with respect to fabrication and marine operations than comparable alternative solution
– Precise horizontal positioning
– No restriction regarding water depth, i.e. no electrical cables, pump skids, etc
– No proof loading required
– Greater weather window than comparable suction anchor solution


Left: Illustration of free- fall installation of DPA, completed 80 ton DPA standing on end streches – 13 meters high in 6 seconds    

Right: 80 ton DPA standing on end streches – 13 meters high

Deep Sea Anchors
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