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Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms in the world – with a wide range of services within Audit & Advisory, Tax & Legal, Consulting and Financial Advisory. Deloitte Norway employs nearly 1200 highly skilled partners and associates, with 80 of these in Deloitte Stavanger.

Deloitte Stavanger have a customer base of more than 1200 companies and we have knowledge and experience from all significant industries. In particular we focus on the oil & gas industry and we currently retain (super) major Norwegian firms within both the upstream and the oil service industry. Below we will briefly describe some of the specific Advisory and Consulting services relevant for the oil & gas industry – services where we believe we have the knowledge and experience to provide added value to our clients:


deloitte joint venture auditsYour partner in Joint Venture Audits
Joint Venture audits are a generic term for audits performed by partners on the operator of the joint venture licenses and may include License Audits, Overhead Audits, Pipeline audits, Net Profit Audits and Measurement Audits

Having executed more than 130 Joint Venture audits on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the Deloitte Joint Venture audit team has experience in all the above audit categories from serving several leading partners. We perform services on the entire audit process – from the selection of audits to participate on, preparation work, execution and follow-up. The knowledge from this team combined with the well proven Deloitte audit methodology, ensures that the client always receive high quality audit services.

The broad experience also sets us in a unique position to provide valuable support on several other aspects of the Joint Venture accounting process. Such services may include Joint Venture Accounting guidelines, Audit Preparedness, Subject matter discussions and Courses & training.

deloitte contract auditsContract Audits – getting things right
The procurement processes transfer significant values between legal entities, thus having the potential to materially affect the bottom-line at the implicated parties. Material procurements are usually regulated by a separate contract which sets forth all relevant conditions for the procurement. However, all contracts contain an inherent agency risk. The vendor has an incentive to maximize the revenue charged under the contract, while the customer wants to minimize their corresponding acquisition costs.

The solution to mitigate this risk is Deloitte Contract Audits. By following a systematic audit approach, we deliver specialized Contract Audit services which help getting things right for our clients. Through our Contract Audit concept, we perform services during the entire audit process – from development of a Contract Audit strategy, the selection of Contract Audits to participate on, preparation work, execution and follow-up.

deloitte consolidationAssistance in consolidation, closing and reporting and IFRS
With our extensive expertise Deloitte can add capacity and competency to the consolidation- and closing/reporting function adapted to the individual company and situation. We have delivered advisory services in connection with different tasks and needs. In addition, we have solid experience from auditing consolidated financial statements within different industries and according to NGAAP, IFRS and US GAAP.

Our industry knowledge and multidisciplinary approach sets us in a unique position to step into most companies’ reporting- and consolidation functions. We can also assist in GAAP matters such as IFRS implementation projects, IFRS or US GAAP transition projects or solving IFRS and other GAAP issues.

deloitte securing your valuesFinancial Advisory Services – Securing your values
Transactions remain one of the most important strategic and financial decisions in any enterprise. The complex nature of such transactions combined with the values at stake calls for highly specialized and competent professional services.

Having successfully provided such services for years, Deloitte is one of the leading suppliers of such services in Norway. Our Financial Advisory unit comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive transaction experience and strong academic background. The knowledge from this team combined with our global industry knowledge, ensures financial advisory services which helps you secure your values!

Our services covers all phases from developing the M&A Strategy, Target Screening, Evaluation – including buy-side due diligence, sell side due diligence, IPOs and business valuations among others, Deal Execution and Integration.

Also, we do not simply consider the project as closed once the deal is done – we rather believe that’s when the real work starts. Our services in the Integration phase will typically be Purchase Price Allocations (PPA), Business Combination accounting, Earn- out calculations, Asset impairment documentation and Fair value documentation among others.

Deloitte can help you to plan, grow and structure your business to address key issues such as strategy, technology and change management. With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only industry and functional business performance knowledge, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances. We work closely with clients to improve business performance, drive shareholder value and create a competitive, sustainable advantage, regardless of where in the world your business takes you.


  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Market strategy supported by market intelligence
  • Market – and scenario analysis
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Corporate Strategy
  • IT Strategy Implementation
  • Business Oriented Leadership Development
  • Organization Development


  • Lean
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Optimization
  • Integrated Operations
  • Upstream operating model 


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