Delta RCS AS



Wireless solutions for underground operation since 1995 Delta TCV,
the complete solution


• Access control and tracking of persons, vehicles  and dangerous goods
➢ Site area gate control and tracking
➢ Rescue App, real-time data at the position needed.
➢ Combination of active and passive RFID
➢ Delivers operational visibility and control


• Ventilation on demand, VoD since 1995
➢ Monitoring and logging of toxic gases
➢  Fresh air when needed
➢ Lower energy cost
➢ Local, remote or automatic operation
➢ Fire and blast alarms


• Digital data and voice communication
➢ WLAN/WiFi backbone for data, voice and video
➢ Seamless mobile control in all posistions
➢ Digital UHF voice communication

P.O. Box 1065, 3204 Sandefjord, Norway
+47 33 44 83 90