The ePatch® is state-of-the-art, top patient-preferred cardiac and vital signs monitoring providing high quality data recording.

Since the first Holter recorders were invented in the 1940s there has been a tremendous development in the capabilities for ambulatory ElectroCardioGraphic (ECG) monitoring. Many applications of the older technologies induce significant issues related to patient comfort, duration of the monitoring period, and the integrity of the recorded data. The event and loop recorders only store ECG data when either a patient trigger system or an automatic event detection system is activated. This prevents full disclosure and investigation of potential dangerous but asymptomatic events which were not correctly detected by the automatic algorithms.

This situation is overcome by the continuous Holter and telemetry systems. However, the nature of these systems induces significant issues related to patient comfort and compliance with wearing the systems for extended periods of time. The selection of monitoring technique in each situation was thus a compromise between sufficient diagnostic information from adequate continuous monitoring on one hand, and patient comfort and compliance on the other.

The DELTA ePatch® system was created to fit right in the middle of this compromise: The ePatch® was designed to provide reliable high quality continuous ECG monitoring for long periods of time without any patient discomfort or impairment of normal daily life activities.

The ePatch® is thus capable of providing the same clinical information as regular Holter or telemetry equipment. However, this information is gained in a much less intrusive way. This reveals an opportunity to monitor new patient populations, deploy large-scale screening programs, intensified follow up on known cardiac patients as well as post-operative monitoring, possibilities of close cardiac surveillance of patients in their own homes, and improved surveillance and guidance in rehabilitation and exercise programs.

To facilitate a complete solution enabling fast response in the healthcare system, DELTA offer to bundle ePatch® together with a cardiac cloud service. The ePatch® recording is submitted to the cloud and 48 hours later you receive a detailed Holter report including clinical indications based on the ePatch® data and cardiologist review. It supports the General Practitioner to screen and diagnose these arrhythmias without the need for having the cardiologist in the loop. That removes a bottleneck in the healthcare system and reduces costs and waiting times dramatically.

The total solution using the ePatch® cardiac cloud service is packaged into Evaluation Kits. Clinics or hospitals may buy 1,000 recordings incl. Holter reports to evaluate the system. There is also a smaller 500 recording Evaluation Kit available for clinical studies. Finally, there is a special entry path for the General Practitioner to be able to start-up his cardiac service based on ePatch®.

Today the ePatch® solution support users in the US, Europe and China to screen and monitor for heart arrhythmias. Just in Europe it is estimated that 10-12 million people show atrium fibrillation in 2020. The global cardiac and respiratory market for people at 65+ years will cover more than 1 billion people in 2020. Consequently, there are numerous applications for the ePatch® solution.

DELTA3We are already taking the next step to make an integrated solution, which should be a complete Vital Signs patch monitoring all the vital signs. That opens up for further applications in stress management, sleep analysis, and adding contextual information for individual measurements by telemetric monitoring of COPD, diabetes and blood pressure patients.

The future is here – ePatch® is available – for increasing the quality of life for patients suffering from heart arrhythmias.


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