Deltapump AS


Deltapump AS continues the business of Delta Pumpefabrikk AS, which has been manufacturing DELTA gear pump since 1920.

The pump components are produced using up-to-date and modern machinery with high quality standards. The installation of the pumps is still the result of workmanship and is carried out by fitters with years of experience.

The DELTA gear pump is currently supplied mainly to companies in sectors such as offshore, shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, industry, construction, and agriculture.


Our pumps
Production of the Delta gear pumps takes place in modern CNC-controlled machines, but installation will always need craftsmanship.

Extensive experience and a knack for the industry ensure that all the pumps are of the highest quality.
Delta gear pumps are characterised by a simple and robust construction.


The following characteristics generally apply to Delta pumps:
• They are self-priming
• They are resistant to dry running
• Pump in either direction
• Optional installation – Easy to maintain
• Can be supplied with inbuilt, adjustable safety valve
• Can be supplied with certificates
• Carry the CE mark
• Pumps can be delivered within 2 days
• We use motors delivered by: ABB – SEW – Lønne – NordGear – Siemens – Danfoss – Gast

Deltapump AS
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