– Provides Good Solutions with Interdisciplinary Thinking

DELTAte are consulting engineers in HVAC with a special interest in:

•Deep knowledge about indoor climate and its influence on our health
•Developing ventilation systems for individual control
•Cooperation between architects and engineers for reaching optimal climate solutions.
•Low energy consumption means environmental protection

DELTAte are specialized in natural ventilation, individual control and low energy solutions.


DELTAteVargbroskolan in Storfors, Värmland, Sweden
A school with hybrid ventilation. The air is lead in concrete culvert in ground. The ground preheats/cools the air before it reaches the classrooms.

DELTAte developed the hybrid ventilation from the natural ventilation systems with concrete culverts. The difference is that in hybrid ventilation an axial fan is placed in the culvert to help the natural ventilation forces (especially in the summertime). Each room has individual control: temperature regulate air flow.

The total energy consumption, including energy for the activities, is only 65 kWh/m2 and year.

Architect: Björn Johansson, K-Konsult

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