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– Stabilizing the proteome

Denator1Denator AB is a Swedish-based biotech company that develops, markets, and sells instruments and consumables for improved sample preservation in life science and clinical research markets.

Understanding the role of peptides, phosphorylations and small molecules in normal and diseased biological samples is crucial to defining their potential use as drugs, drug targets or disease biomarkers. Yet biological changes begin from the moment a biological sample is removed from its native environment. Vital information may be lost or distorted, leading to inter-sample variation and risk of incorrect data interpretation. To obtain meaningful scientific results, it is crucial to efficiently preserve sample components directly after sampling.

Denator has developed an additive-free technology that preserves the quality of biological samples from moment of excision throughout the entire workflow. The Stabilizor system utilizes rapid conductive heating to generate a fast, homogenous and irreversible thermal denaturation of proteins. This result in a complete and permanent elimination of enzymatic activity and ensures a stable sample that will not degrade or change. In short, biological change is stopped immediately and permanently. This enables scientists to drastically improve the consistency of sample quality to obtain more precise, reliable data and compare true biological variation between samples – without the use of additives like inhibitors.

To understand disease mechanisms and identify potential drug targets or disease markers is dependent on accurate analysis and quantification of short-lived molecules and potential biomarkers. This is of particular significance in research areas such as neuroscience, oncology and clinical proteomic research. When conducting clinical research, focus lie on adapting treatment schemes to better suit the individual needs and conditions of the patient to maximize the success rate. The Stabilizor technology is proving to be a crucial tool to secure accurate and consistent identification of cancer biomarkers and thereby future improvements of cancer diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Using the Stabilizor system allows researchers to:

•    Preserve tissue biomarkers directly in the operating room
•    Retain molecular information from the moment of sampling throughout the entire analysis workflow
•    Ensure quality and standardization of sample collection

Established in 2004, Denator has its headquarters in Gothenburg and additional research and application facilities in Uppsala. In 2009, the company launched the first Stabilizor system designed for stabilizing tissue samples. Customers typically include pharmaceutical companies, academic labs, clinical research facilities and biobanks.

Today, Denator has established direct sales forces in Europe and US and a subsidiary, Denator US Corp., which operates with sales entities on both the west and east coast of the US. The company also works closely with selected distributors in key geographic markets in both Europe and Asia. Denator’s largest owner is the Danish company Novo A/S.


Denator AB
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