Destination Sweden

Destination Sweden pays tribute to the inspiring achievements of Swedish industry in all its diverse sectors, and to the policies and technological innovations that have shaped them.

The publication is divided into alternating sections. The editorial chapters outline the development of each sector in turn, while the commercial sections present many of the most important companies in the respective categories – a representative selection of trades, professions and vocations in which this country excels, and which stand to thrive and prosper in the new millennium.

Destination Sweden is published in conventional and electronic form. As a beautifully produced hardback book, copies are distributed free of charge throughout the world, and are available at a number of important trade fairs and conferences related to Swedish commercial activities. Additional copies are available on request from Horn Publishing, which also publishes similar books on a range of business sectors and industries in a growing number of countries. When ordering additional copies of the books please explain why you want them and what you plan to do with them.

We sincerely hope you will find the editorial section interesting and useful. But even more important: we hope you will take note of the wealth of information on companies offering products and services that may be relevant to your needs. These are grouped into categories to help you find the companies you are looking for.

Please contact us at for further information or if you are interested in presenting your company in the next edition.

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