Dezide ApS


Dezide was founded in 2001 by former employees of Hewlett-Packard R&D.

We provide Guided Troubleshooting software for optimization of customer and technical service. Our software is based on the artificial intelligence technology, Bayesian Networks. This enables our software to be self-learning and self-optimizing as well as highly scalable, intuitive and efficient.

Dezide Advisor is the leading software for customer service optimization with the use of an intelligent knowledge base. The core component is the intelligent guide, a self-learning dynamic tool that guides users to find solutions to their problems in the most efficient way possible. The guides can be made available to users through different interfaces, both online and offline, both internal and external to the enterprise.

Various degrees of functionality and overview can be configured, depending on the level of skill. Also we provide many administrative tools to make the system easy to implement and manage. The Dezide Advisor software suite includes tools for knowledge base administration, a contact center knowledge portal, a self service portal, a virtual assistant tool, an offline troubleshooting tool, a webbased portal manager tool, and a web-based report generator tool. All of these tools can be used together or on their own, separately.


Dezide ApS
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