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Diagnostica was established in Oslo in 1983 and shortly after the company had its Spirare PC-based spirometry product in the market. With its strong functionality and well designed user interface, it soon became a hit among health care professionals in Norway and Sweden. The users appreciated its ease of use, at the same time as it offered a large number of spirometry parameters and an extensive set of reference systems.

Since then, Spirare has risen to a prominent position in the primary health care market in these countries. It has been expanded to include ECG and 24-hours blood pressure monitoring, and offers a functional diagnostic suite for primary health care, specialists and occupational health care.

A functional and user-friendly system is however only the first part of the user experience Diagnostica is offering. We realise that a professional support is an important part of the product, whether the issue is installation assistance, questions about functions or simply to get some tips on how to make the most out of Spirare.

Over the years, Diagnostica has gained substantial experience in how to integrate Spirare into the customers’ everevolving IT-infrastructure. With today’s possibilities for off-site operation of file servers and patient file systems, the challenge of making it all run together as one system is higher than ever. Our customers find that our expertise in this area saves a lot of effort when systems are to be integrated.

IT-technology in Scandinavian health care
Scandinavia has a long history of developing and implementing new technology early. When we first started developing Spirare in the 80s, there was already a large Norwegian cluster of computer firms producing software within various fields, including a Norwegian electronic health record. Our hospitals and general practitioners have been quick to utilise the new technology. The challenging environment and demanding users of Scandinavia has helped Spirare become world class.

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