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Diatec Monoclonals ASDiatec Monoclonals is a Norwegian biotechnology company aiming to be a leading contract manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies for in vitro diagnostics, and is today an accredited supplier for some of the largest companies in the diagnostic industry.

In 1995, the work for establishing a platform of monoclonal antibodies against human CD markers was initiated, and since then the company has experienced significant growth. Since 1996, Diatec Monoclonals has been situated in Oslo Innovation Centre, close to the University of Oslo and National Hospitals, where medical research and the biotech industry are highly integrated.

Diatec Monoclonals now focuses largely on contract manufacturing of custom made monoclonal antibodies to the diagnostic industry, and offers excellence in service standards, technical support, and product quality, supported by a competitive pricing policy. Diatec Monoclonals is an experienced and flexible partner, and offers a complete range of antibody services; from establishment of hybridomas and cell banking, in vitro monoclonal antibody production, purification of antibodies, and conjugation to fluorochromes and enzymes.

Monoclonal antibodies are widely used in pre-clinical trials, HIV monitoring, point-of-care tests, the food and feed industry, and in veterinary diagnostics.

Background Information – in vitro Production
Until 1975, production of antibodies was performed solely in ascites. Since then, the discovery of hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies, and the development of hollow fibre technology, has given us an excellent alternative to production in animals. All Diatec Monoclonals in vitro productions are carried out in membrane based or hollow fibre production systems. Some of the advantages of in vitro production, compared to polyclonal antibodies produced in animals, are the purity of the product due to the lack of animal contaminants, and the high reproducibility from batch to batch.

Diatec Monoclonals AS

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